Match Thread POSTPONED: Everton v Manchester City - Preview only


Player Valuation: £70m
That'd be the case if Jesus and Walker had only shown positive. Or just one of them.
To an extent. But if one or even two positives show up and then the next round or two of testing is all negative you can reasonably assume it is contained. If you get x number of positives the next round the opposite assumption has to be made until negatives do start to be the norm again. So it is possible for City to be ready to go for this weekend if they can contain it, but that can't happen today.


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Need to rest most of the team but most importantly Dom and Doucoure, our two most important players

Coleman Godfrey Branthwaite Nkounkou
Kenny Gomes Bernard Gordon

most likely Tosun over Simms

take a boring draw here, would be a missive point !
I guess we’ll never know. I could have been onto something haha


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Droplet spread so unless someone coughs on you or wipes their nose on your hand the two metres is a double precaution. Watching players hugging each other in the last half a dozen games (at least) means it might be risky given how dopey professional footballers are...anyway more interested in your inclusion of Gomes :)
Your talking about players who cough, spit and blow their noses on the pitch, not to mention players who breathe quite heavy after 60minutes.

Theres zero chance of social distancing on a football pitch mate.

Gomes hasn't played much recently, he would have been fresh.

Lee Smith

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Not going to happen. Precendent has been established when Newcastle's games were postponed instead of forfeited during November(?).
What might happen is City give up the match due to fixture congestion later.
Just imagine the scenes if City do
give us the fixture at the rear end of the season, and those 3 points see us pip the RS to the title...


Player Valuation: £8m
Yes but Denver had one positive test and other close contacts. When teams had outbreaks they postponed too.

If it were just Jesus and Walker positive and then a few other guys deemed high risk I have no doubt they'd play tonight with who was left, but more people tested positive and with no real idea who else might have it and not be showing it yet it is just too unsafe to have a match tonight.

Forfeiting is bad option for everyone.

That’s a fair point. I’m just frustrated Bc I’m betting some of the city players are still Kyle walkering it and Everton is paying the price.

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