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Dario Terracotta

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What a horrific season this is turning out to be, only positivity I can drum up is our stellar performers return eventually to steer us to yet another season of midtable mediocrity, we manage to bring in one even two players in January who are an improvement on this current shower(is that such difficult job Marcel?)and we move a couple of these wastrels on to pastures new.FA Cup run?Oh yeah,really?:)


Lots of positivity already. Good to see

Dan Tanner

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I'm positive that Chris the blert off Redmen TV will be so excited, that all the pent up years of pressure on his ball-sack will finally explode, taking him to finally go visit Satan for real.
Hopefully he's interviewing 'mum, mum, Hendo's scored' at the time, that little creep can keep him company for all eternity, with the pokers up the arse and all that it'll just be like being on the kop.


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Everton have utterly beaten positivity out of Everton fans. I have seriously sat here for an hour trying to write something positive and I genuinely cannot put down anything. The only maybe positive I can think of is the potential return of doucoure yet my negative side thinks season long injury because we rushed him back. Sorry I've really tried to be positive but I'm stuck. In addition I keep seeing the name iwobi plus the reminder who we play on Wednesday to kick-start off December. Merry Christmas everyone.


Player Valuation: £750k
In addition to my previous post How's this for a potential line up if we get a few further injuries taking into account the number of games coming up during Xmas and age/injury records and cover in relevant positions : sure you guys could come up with better than me.

🤔? Branthwaite? Holgate. 🤔?

Gordon. Gbamin? Onyango. Townsend

Rondon. Tosun?

Pick the bones out of that one.
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