Players who you wished they'd gave more of a chance


Player Valuation: £70m
Some of the younger players really. Our managers were a bit cowardly and unwilling to give youth a chance in favor of absolute dung. It’s all well and good if we had talent ahead of them, but we didn’t.

We wonder why a lot of our younger players all turn out crap and it’s because we leave them to rot. We don’t play them, we don’t send many of them on loan and we don’t encourage them whatsoever with our revolving door of managers- all of which are allergic to giving youth a chance. We just let them stagnate.


Player Valuation: £70m
…I liked what I saw of Vlasic when he was here, his running style reminded me lots of Jack Wilshire. Clearly the manager wasn’t impressed, good to see him back. Good player but perhaps lacking a bit of pace.

I liked Beningame, thought he had a chance to make the leap from Academy. Terrific engine and ability to break things up, would be a nuisance to play against. There was rumours about his attitude but it seemed first class on the pitch. Injuries at key times might have been an issue.

Going further back, Gary Jones looked a terrifically gifted footballer with promise in abundance but it never worked out. Alan Whittle played a key part in us winning a title in 1970 but he never turned out to be worlbeater he looked at that stage.


Player Valuation: £70m
Mostly younger players who had promise all the way through and then never got a real chance. Kissock, Ledson, Green, Walsh, Dowell. People will point to them finding a level, etc, but sometimes the difference between making it and not is a chance.

Always thought McFadden deserved more than he got as well.

Oh god he had far too many chances, he was dire.

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