Owen Hargreaves?

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Player Valuation: £35m
As long as it's a pay-as you-play deal we'd have nothing to lose and we could do with some midfield back-up after missing out on Ofoe.


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He's probably the worlds only plastic englishman. (In the way Deco is a plastic Portuguese and Cascarano was a plastic Irishman, it doesn't happen very much with England.)

In football at least.

Greg Rusedski, Lennox Lewis, Kevin Pietersen.... think there's a few others too.


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MOYES: "Hi Owen, we're wondering if you'd like to sign for us for the rest of the season."

OWEN: "Oh right, sounds interesting. Would I play midfield regularly?"

MOYES: "Sort of."

OWEN: "What do you mean?"

MOYES: "Well... no, no you wouldn't play as such."

OWEN: "Why?"

MOYES: "Well, you'd be back up for our first choice midfield pairing."

OWEN: "Who's that?"

MOYES: "Neville and Gibson. Oh, and Osman. Yeah I know he's an attacking midfielder, but we're playing him holding midfielder at the mo and it's working well in my view."

OWEN: "Right..."

MOYES: "We need cover just in case Nev gets injured whilst Gibbo is out, but when everyone is fit you'll probably play 20 minutes total this season. You in?"

OWEN: "No. No, I think I'll pass."


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Better than Neville. Saha had balsa legs too, he was ok. Pay as you play tho.


And for what it's worth, the link from the BBQ page goes to a story in the metro which claims Moyes is considering a pay-as-you-play deal based on Hargreaves having been training with Lille for the last few weeks. If he passes a medical and will take the pay as you play deal, what's not to like?


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He's played 28 league games in five years. We'd be stupid to offer him anything other than a PAYP deal.

Plus, he's decidedly stupid. He joined Man City the other year when it was clear he'd never, ever get a run in the team, thus wasting another year of his career and indicating he's not interested in playing regularly; he just wants the pay cheque.

As much as I'd rather have pretty much anybody in midfield ahead of Neville, I don't think Hargreaves is the answer. He won't be match fit and Gibson will be back in a month - which is how long it'd take someone like Hargreaves to be match fit himself after so long out.

We have Junior who should be given a chance, and we have the best box-to-box midfielder in the league in Fellaini ready to be adopted.

It's simple - we don't need another midfielder really; we need Moyes to develop a brain and drop Fellaini into his natural position and play Naismith off the striker.
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