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Player Valuation: £8m
You would think that IF he was to go, it’d happen now.

Can’t shake the feeling he’s here all season, though.

I can’t help but think that they will wait it out and see how Villa goes. If that looks the same then a change during the international break must happen. It shouldn’t take that long but it will and im not even confident they will get rid of him then


Player Valuation: £80m
I note Crab Iwobi is not an option for MotM so I have plumped for Earwax (ie Cerumen Rondon).

Disclaimer: I watched not one second of the game


Player Valuation: £10m
You would think that IF he was to go, it’d happen now.

Can’t shake the feeling he’s here all season, though.
He can't stay on after that result and performance. He's got to go now 100%. We go down if he stays any longer. I'd even take pulis, megson, allardyce, curbishley, hughes, bruce, warnock; the dregs of the Premier league, over benitez. He hasn't got a clue about top level footbal anymore.


Player Valuation: £750k
Any thoughts from the Benitez Bots?

He will be sacked , no two doubts regarding it, he is making decisions with nervousness now, if sacked it's the biggest blot on his CV. He hasn't failed like this before.
But tell me honestly do you see any managers succeeding with players like keane, coleman, gomes, iwobi, doucoure, allan, they are your first team starters and with no apt replacement available at bench or in the squad.


Player Valuation: £950k
Benitez set the team up to fail. Question his midfield system - he persist with 2 midfielders. Question on his selection of Rondon - he starts Rondon.
It's all a big ego game to Benitez, too desperate to prove he is right.

Benitez is also making the mood too toxic and the team clearly can't thrive in such environment.

Rollo Tomassi

Player Valuation: £8m
If you give the other team a head start of 2 goals not only once but almost every time, you cant survive in the premier league. If he doesnt get the clowns (Coleman, Keane, Holgate,Iwobi, Rondon) out of the team and if he doesnt buy one or better 2 very good central midfielders Everton will play championship football next season!
Any and I mean any new manager could comfortably get us mid table with this squad of players.

Sarnia Kevin

Player Valuation: £35m
To call that organised chaos would be making it sound too good.

I went for Mina as MoM because at least he looked like a football player. Keane was worse than useless, he was a liability for the whole 98 minutes. Richie scored a cracker but not enough. Dominic Calvert-Lewin back to being isolated. Norwich bullied our team and we let them get away with it.

Referee was Andy Madely so no more needs to be said about his performance.

It's Fergie time!!!!!!! Bye-Bye Rafael, it's been an education.
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