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The club has zero standards, the guys who had them were Moyes, pienaar, Cahill, baines, jags, distin etc didn’t replace these guys at all. And now getting rid of digne is a really weird one.


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I think we need a divorce Everton - you clearly no longer love me anymore - and I'm taking the kid with me. You don't even look good anymore, you've stopped trying, you can't be bothered to get up in the morning, get yourself organised, put in a shift or do all the menial tasks like tidying up at the back. I've spent a fortune coming over every weekend for the afternoon - I know it's been a long-distance relationship when I've worked away but it's over.


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Rafael has to go, can't keep someone who is shown banners asking him to leave infront of his players, players know he is going to be sacked, hence some of them just don't care.
Why would you play someone like Keane every game when you know he is costing you goals single handedly every other game. Why would you start gomes, who runs like a grandpa ...I know he is short on players , but sure you can try academy players .
I think the new manager will struggle as well, unless players like Keane, coleman, Gomes, iwobi, doucoure, etc are at his disposal.


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Hahaha people are moaning BEFORE we kick off, win this one and they will look foolish, this thread will be great tonight

We need to calm down here, like going behind is becoming the norm, but at least its early so we have time

No changes is criminal to be fair

Terrible, awful, one of the worst results for years that

I dunno, Norwich have never looked capable of doing anything, until we turned up
It's like watching someone lose their faith in real time.


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Benitez doesnt have honour mate. If he did he wouldn't have taken the job with his LFC past.

He has no pride, he went to China for money.

Moshiri has put his trust in him to change the football structure at the club and that is the biggest concern above all else.

I cant see him being sacked, why let him push a talent out the door, sign three players and then boot him?
Your last paragraph makes alot of sense and is the big worry, it's just difficult to look at the results and performances and think there's any plan at all so who knows what happens next. Feel sorry for those that travelled.
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