Niko Kovač managerial candidate

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Kev The Rat

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Does anyone really know much about him like how his teams play or what his main selling points are or do people just want him because he's different and won some trophies? Thats not a rhetorical question I mean it can anyone tell me why he'd be a good manager for us because I'd love there to be someone on the list that seems like a good choice. The big downside just looking at his record and nothing else is that he hasn't stayed in a job for long anywhere and I think we need the next manager to be here at least 3 or 4 years or we'll never get out of this cycle.
Meant to be hard as nails.

Even Dunc might think twice.


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The only real candidate. Obvious choice, so he wont be chosen. Its hard to find a manager who has great success, usually you have to hire someone who got fired for failing miserably somewhere and so you take the chance they can improve. In his case, the results werent even that bad, just the work he did with them in the first season was that phenomenal anything less than a miracle looked like a let down.


Player Valuation: £35m
No, purely because I have no idea how to do that inverted circumflex thing above the "c" at the end of his name.

If this makes me a racist then so be it.
Makes the hard C sound into the softer ch sound. So tic would be pronounced tich. I like him because he falls out with players a lot, so he would live the dream at Everton, so many candidates for him to go to war with!


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I’ll never doubt any managerial links after those poles-apart appointments.

Anything is possible with this clown car of a club.
Seriously, they couldn't have gone polar opposites any more if they tried.

I didn't think Ancelotti was what this club needed. When I met my mate he started following Everton. He said the whole time we should have gone for Kovac instead of Ancelotti because Ancelotti was more of an arm around the shoulder than getting players to follow instructions. And we saw/heard that after he left.
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