Confirmed Signing Niels Nkounkou


Player Valuation: £80m
I’d imagine Silva went to Brands and said I want Richarlison and Brands said yes, he’s boss, let’s get him.

We’ve heard from both Silva, Ancelotti and Brands himself that unless both him and manager agree on a player it’s not happening.
It's true that Richarlison could be viewed as a player that fit into Brands' remit to bring into the club the type of player that fits in with the way he's been told the club wish to play. Then it becomes a matter of determining whether we believe Brands or the coach would have been the likelier champion of a player. Clearly with Richarlison it's hard to make a case for it not being Silva who petitioned for his purchase. Digne I'd have no problem placing in the Brands column, as he fitted the typology Brands stated he'd be pursuing - young, surplus to his current club due to competition for places etc. and I never thought Silva was the driver for his signature.

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