Next year's league cup

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League Cup 2018...Academy time?

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  1. johnnydawg68

    johnnydawg68 Chairperson, People's Front of Saint Domingo Forum Supporter

    We'll competing in 4 competitions next year. Obviously the league comes first, then either Europe or the FA cup, with the league cup last.

    With our all conquering U23 squad, and golden generation, should we just treat the league cup as a U23 showcase and go as far as we can with the mighty Toffee yoof?
  2. hallamblue

    hallamblue Player Valuation: £15m

    Given our history, or lack of it, in this competition we may as well play the under 12s, at least we'd have a ready made excuse.
  3. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard Banned Banned

    After 22 years with no trophies, no !

    We cannot be picky with what silverware we win.
    Play your best team in every game, maybe allow for one or two changes for the early round of the League cup.

    We need and crave silverware.
  4. gonetomorrow

    gonetomorrow Player Valuation: £40m

    I like the League Cup better than the FA Cup. It's got a fresh feel, being staged earlier in the season. It often contains emerging talents who are keen to impress. The FA Cup tends to just field the usual suspects from the subs bench.
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  5. brieverton

    brieverton Player Valuation: £15m

    In essence, yes.

    And we might actually do better for it.

    For me the league is our bread and butter, followed a close 2nd by the EL. It offers UCL qualification and if we could get to the last 16, a very real prospect of winning it. If we were in Man Utd's position, I would be very confident of us winning it now.

    Given how difficult it will be to improve on 7th anyway, I would be very happy to finish 7th again next year if it meant winning one of the cups. Ideally that would be the EL and should be our main priority outside of the league.
  6. johnnydawg68

    johnnydawg68 Chairperson, People's Front of Saint Domingo Forum Supporter

    I agree. Trying to stitch together a squad for these games seems counter productive. Why not put an ACTUAL cohesive unit out there? Plus it's a chance to see who's got the right stuff in games that DO matter.
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  7. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard Banned Banned

    Just to expand on my point, I think the problem a lot of teams have is they play too many kids or make too many changes. I believe the best way to utilise the league cup and bring kids through, is to play 9 first teamers and two kids. Preferably like one young centre half next to Jagielka for example. The derby at mordor showed us up when we played Holgate and pennington side by side.
  8. ToffeeTim

    ToffeeTim Player Valuation: £70m


    Win it
  9. Furey1878

    Furey1878 Player Valuation: £70m

    Depends on the opposition. Premier League opposition, play a strong team.

    Honestly I think the key for us next year is to not take the group stage of the EL that seriously.

    Rotate for that and if we get past the group, then we can think about fielding stronger teams as the stakes get progressively higher.
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  10. messymascot

    messymascot Player Valuation: £1.5m

    Rotate players but not a completely young side. I would play 6 or 7 regulars a 2 or 3 of bench maybe give a youngster a start and a couple on bench if we get to quarter finals full strength from there.
  11. Eggs

    Eggs Player Valuation: £70m Forum Supporter

    ...let's get the summer over first.
  12. johnnydawg68

    johnnydawg68 Chairperson, People's Front of Saint Domingo Forum Supporter

    Summer is a hellish wasteland of no Everton. I'd prefer to pretend it doesn't exist.
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  13. Eggs

    Eggs Player Valuation: £70m Forum Supporter

    ...with our performances in recent seasons I have to admit to being thankful when the season was over.
  14. Furey1878

    Furey1878 Player Valuation: £70m

    But the weather and the women and typically not being as emotionally dejected due to Everton on the weekends is always a bonus of summer.
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  15. WA Toffee

    WA Toffee Player Valuation: £30m

    I'm all for playing kids and reserves in the league cup, but it has to be balanced with enough first team players to give a better than 50% chance of going through.
    No point giving 11 kids one game if you can give 4 kids 5 games
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