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Player Valuation: £70m
Was there any actual statement made about how the capacity can be altered/built upon to get the extra 10,000 or was it just do with an imaginary extra safe standing quota?

Going off of this picture I would say it is the later:


But saying that the roof does seem to be artificially high, so maybe a few rows can be added at the top and the roof line extended back to cover these without the need to take the roof completely off.


Player Valuation: £500k
To be fair mate, the real thing, in its flesh would be unreal, however, I don’t think this will ever be built.

It’s not the money, it’s not the dodgy patio sand in the’s them. Them across the park.

If Everton build this, as a top level footballer, who would you rather play for in the city?

And therein lies the rub. I don’t think this is completely about a new stadium. This is about reversing 30 years of rivalry, and desperate people do desperate things.

It’s going to take a whole load of Uzbeki money to do this.

We’ll see...

You’re making excuses in case it doesn’t happen so you can blame Liverpool to make you feel better, but that is utter garbage.

Personally I like the design from the video - but will take a look at other images over time, and hope it gets built. I love the Liverpool waterfront and this would add to it without doubt.

I also don’t think planning will be refused, as it’s been a long drawn out process to get this far and they’ll have sought plenty of feedback from planners along the way I’m sure to avoid looking stupid.

Doesn’t mean planners (or other stakeholders) won’t look to seek changes and so some of the features could get scaled back, but I would imagine by incorporating the brickwork akin to the docks will be a big help.

Planning isn’t a guarantee it goes ahead. We had one through outline planning and a promise of a spade in the ground in 60 days but never went anywhere because we were owned by shysters and they couldn’t or wouldn’t finance it, so a long way to go yet, but I’m not surprised the majority of you are buzzing about it.


Player Valuation: £70m
Mostly a like reaction here design wise, one dislike.

- Don’t like the steel and glass roof, looks like an after thought plonked on to the brick work. Would have preferred the brick work to be higher and meet a more natural subtle roof, but the site saves any external design. That my one criticism.

What I like.

- The site is incredible and you could really put anything there and it’s ascetically good.

- The development of the entire site/footprint is massively impressive, if you look at the development as a whole it’s a brilliant innovative design making the best of the footprint. Doing up the tower too, nice touch.

- What I’m really impressed with is it’s similarity to Goodison internally, bar a few obvious adjustment it’s essentially a massive internal Goodison, it’s uncanny. Though some of the renders I’ve seen are contradictory. Some with three tiers other with two.

- The absolute proximity of stands to pitch is impressive as is the steepness to the pitch, be a bear pit.

- Hope they keep the finishing render of old brick work internally looks class.

- See we’ve a viewing tunnel in hospitality you can see the players run out.

Apart from the roof I’m all in, would have preferred the brick work to be higher and vertical meeting a more natural roof,think the straight lines meeting curves and the contrast in brick and glass and steel is to big of a design leap and gap, but I can live with it, the site will rescue any external design, it’s really internally I’m concerned with and I really like it. Few nice personal touches.
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By far the most important aspect for me is the front row feeling like it's almost on the pitch. If they nail that they've done well.

same here. ive found i dont have strong opinions either way on a lot of the details about the stadium but the fans need to be as close as possible. the ref and the opposition need to feel the narkiness hit them at full volume.

it seems we will have that, as long as we dont everton it up, and have a pretty cool design in an amazing location on top.

looks boss

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