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Please tell me that someone has already started preparing the Lord of all vaults to be posted on the 26th?

After the years of nothing but negativity about BMD never happening ... I can't wait to see the usual suspects vaulted into oblivion :cheers:


Player Valuation: £10m
I see Lord Deben (John Gummer) former Sec of State, now Chair of the Independent committee on climate change is giving a talk at the Town Hall today. Im told he is working for Everton, anyone know how?
Isn't he the man who, during the Mad Cow Disease outbreak of the 1990's repeatedly told people British beef was safe, swore down blind, got his young daughter to eat a burger on TV and kept going on until he was blue in the face that British beef was perfectly safe.......?

Until BSE spread and it turned out CJD killed over 100 people ?


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This First thing. Got me thinking. Like the Spurs place is all high tech, with the roll on roll off NFL pitch, tons of stuff.

There must be grounds around the world with river moorings for boats, surely. So doubt its that.

I reckon the pitch will be below sea level.
We'll be the first Club to have a ground in BMD or maybe Any dock


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Will we have a flood defence system plan in place ? Global waters could rise. Not in our life times I doubt but still.


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As long as there’s no safe standing, what a waste that would be,
I can’t see the point, it’ll be nothing like people expect it to be - just standing where a seat should be, with some 6’5” guy(/girl) stood in front of you.
Better to have an open seating section where you can buy a number of seats in a stand without allocated seat numbers so you can sit with your mates on a first come first served basis
(of course number of seats would be comtrolled)

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