New Stadium Discussion


Player Valuation: £70m
Public consultation has already been done

Designs to be released in the summer

The owner saying on record that we've started the process so we'll finish it

Land purchased to build the ground on

Moshiri (and Usmanov/USM) would have not come near EFC if BMD wasn't going ahead. You do not make money buying Everton FC if they do not move from Goodison Park its as simple as that.

Too much invested in not just the stadium but the liverpool waters project in general for it to not go ahead. Too many rich men will be made much richer once the development is underway and the stadium is very much a big part of starting the regeneration.

Im critical of Moshiri's decision making in terms of managers at the club however he puts his money where his mouth is - that can not be argued.
I’m not too sure on your last point there

I’m not sure it’s his money lol


Player Valuation: £70m
1)The increase is share holding, he said he would do that when he first took over the club.

2) the 250m is a interest free loan he can recall on at any time.

3)the club is on course to make another loss in next seasons accounts. The money saved from sending players on loan will be offset by mina, gomes, digne and richarlison wages and -15m from no el football. Unless he has secured a sponsorship deal and not told anyone

4) 120 estimated in preparation costs before the actual stadium can be built (staggering). That leaves just 380m to build the stadium (no chance).

5) legal fights with UNESCO and world heritage will cost money and time

6)300m likely to be borrowed let's say at 5.00% interest will be around 15m a year repayment

7) 200m still to be found, people say naming rights but that has to be in proportion to the size of the club or else it gets investigated like city are at the moment

8)ticket prices will have to increase by a lot, which will put off a lot of current gp season ticket holders from attending matches.

If anyone has seen the Wimbledon documentary on bt sport. Moshiri = a modern day version of Sam hammam.
Jesus wept
And they call us bitters
Give your head a wobble mate
The mask is now like a brassers knickers , down around your ankles


Player Valuation: £70m
There's some interesting correlation between certain moaners with their heads on fire in this thread, and certain individuals lumpin' praise on the shoite in the witch hunt thread. I might draw a graph. They love stuff like that.
You could do an alternative table while you’re at it
They stain their bedsheets over those tables

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