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Player Valuation: £15m
Reminds of when Jeff from West Derby thought we should go to croxteth

Forgot how funny this is, for old time sake lets listen to Jeff fuming

Haha listened for just over a minute, that constant kopites whine actual in his voice, assaulted my ears, could not take any more, God love your wife Jeff. That must be the "emotional" type of fan Klopp was talking about the other day. Dear Lord.

Barnfred 55

Player Valuation: £70m
The dock is the most sexual destination in the whole city. Stanley Park second. If it happens it'll be excellent. I put the odds at about 42%.
If it doesn't happen, the fume will be out of control. A lot of fans feel disconnected from the club at the moment. BMD falling through would push them over the edge.

For this reason, I believe the club will do everything to push it through. I think the uninspiring 52k seater now being presented is a result of the club reining in their original ambitions to meet revised budget costs. I think they have realised that they have gone too far down the line with this project that they have to deliver something, even if it's not as state of the art as most fans want.

It's all far from certain though I agree.

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