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Doing bits, here and there.
Perhaps a good example to compare against, the new proposed stadium in Rotterdam...waterside stadium, 63,000 seats, in my opinion better in every way to the designs that we've seen.

Nice that.

But, It can't be just me that is seeing the 'leak' of ours in that inside photo


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Perhaps more rows can be added to the stand in the future and that is how they plan to bring the stadium up to an eventual 62,000?

From the leaked document, standing alone couldn’t bring that design to 62,000.


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Might be one of those going depending how things play out. Surely we'll get more than 3k seats tho?
I'm pretty sure that clubs with big capacity stadiums have to give a minimum/maximum of 3,000 tickets to visiting fans for P/L games (but for cup games it can be up to 15% of the stadium capacity) so in the case of at Spurs that would then be around 9,000 (rough guess.)


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Looking at the inside shots of the Rotterdam stadium I'm not impressed with the big gaps between the stands and the edge of the pitch (although compared to West Ham's rented athletics stadium those gaps are tiny lol.)

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Oh of course I agree.

As a traditionalist I'd personally rather we could redevelop Goodison park. However I realise it's not possible.

The dock isn't my preferred destination but to be one of the first generation of fans in a brand new stadium would be fantastic.

Unfortunately I have no faith in moshiri being the man to deliver that dream. I don't have an issue with the dream itself.
The dock isn't your preferred destination? What are you talking about man!?!

Where would you prefer exactly?

Big Fat Sam

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The dock is the most sexual destination in the whole city. Stanley Park second. If it happens it'll be excellent. I put the odds at about 42%.

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The docks are iconic, a great historic location, but going forward, within the next few years, there will be a 500% rise in containers arriving at the docks, transported in aboard the world's biggest ships and transported out on the back of hgvs. This will means the dock road will be one of the most polluted and congested areas in England, a pretty unhealthy place to be.

There is also the new cruise terminal, which again, on paper, adds to the appeal of the 'Liverpool Waters', but the reality, as the councils of London have realised, is potentially extreme pollution.

But, Everton fans really need to know if and to what extent Peel Holdings will have any role in anything to do with the club, because issues such as air pollution, congestion, the involvement with Anderson or capacity, could be the least of the club's concerns.

Everton are a big, historic football club and Liverpool Council such be providing the club with the right location, with 360 degree access to the actual stadium and the ability to expand further in the future. The current set up, the involvement of Peel, Anderson's loan etc... should be cause for concern. It is up to Everton fans to look into this more and ask questions about anything they may be uncomfortable with.

This is one of England's greatest football clubs located within what could well be one of the five most important cities in England in the very near future and it will be a great asset to Merseyside if Everton are financially sound, well run and play within a great stadium.

Start with who is is selling the land, what that company are involved in and who with. This is one of the most important periods in Everton's history and the fans, the people who care about the club more than anybody, must, objectively, look at all factors.
That is under the assumption that things will stay as they are.

The plan for transport is that it will not include thousands of HGV's, but rather allow automation to take care of much of it. Get it out of the city, then go from there.

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