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Oh Everton..... what a disappointment and what a wasted, golden opportunity. When you see the images of designs by suprastadio, and the fantastic stadia in the US, you can't help but despair at the lack of imagination. It's the 21st century but that stadium could have been designed 30 years ago.
I'm gonna guess building in the Arizona desert or the Munich city limits has nowhere near like the levels of scrutiny that building on a WHS does.

And why oh why have the car park on the river side of the stadium? The fans plaza should be located there - it could be a tourist attraction for tourists to the city to visit during the week and have a fantastic view of the river and city.
That would be great for about three games a season. Anybody who knows this area will know the fanzone is where it should be, as sheltered as possible. Not to mention it's closer to the main entrances from Regent Road.

How about a restaurant and an observation deck at the top of the stand looking to the river on one side and into the stadium on the other side? That stadium will just be used on match days and that will be it. We could build something that will earn revenue for the club throughout the year not just on match days.
You have no way of knowing from what you've seen whether these features are there or not. I'm pretty certain both the Club and architect are aware of the unique site they have.

It should be an iconic design that inspires but that design is just boring.
The design will never please everybody but how about a bit of patience until the official renders, images and spec is revealed eh instead of acting like a kid at Christmas who wanted Subbuteo but got Test Match instead.


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We have a chance to become an iconic part of Liverpool's waterfront, and we choose to plonk an ugly car park there instead? Surely there is somewhere else in the near vicinity that could be used for the car park? Having a car park on the waterfront kind of invalidates the whole waterfront prestige of a waterfront site.
Odd that's it's been pulled though. As everything in it, essentially just stand and seating concepts, was the same as what Meis presented during his workshops.
Well, I think it had a date of November 18 on it for a start so probably a lot may have changed since. And fans being fans might take it as gospel. Like they do.

Best to remove it.


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So the murky waters of stadium speculation have been stirred again. To what end? Still nothing definitive. Still no official information. Maybe these represent the layout and basic design. Maybe it is just a schematic of logistics. Maybe it is just someone having a bit of fun. Maybe this, maybe that.
Nobody, outside of the actual people designing and running this, have a clue what is really going on, and maybe even they have no true idea until the funding is finalized. Everything will hinge upon the money. It always has and always will.
Not a spade will touch the ground until a lot of accounting has taken place and a mountain of paperwork has been signed, sealed and delivered.
But the details of that side of things will never make it to social media. Not visual enough.
In the meantime, focus on the tangible, like the actual state of our team. Oh, wait, maybe dreaming of a shiny stadium would be a nice distraction after all


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I keep reading in here for the last few days, that we bought the BMD stadium spot... thought it was only a lease or am I wrong?


Player Valuation: £750k
I keep reading in here for the last few days, that we bought the BMD stadium spot... thought it was only a lease or am I wrong?
200 year lease.. 20 million, as long as planning permission is granted
So I was correct. Thanks for clearing that up :) Is that par year? 20m for 200 years sounds very little to none. How is that feasible for Peel? Must be more than that surely.

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