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Player Valuation: £8m
I just really really hope the club get it right on the field before we go into it. Goodison and the club is toxic at present and I would hate for the first season there being full of boo's and empty walk outs.

The club simply have to start getting their crap together on the field and that needs to start this summer.

Give Brands the job of finding a new manager and player recruitment and lets see what he can do.


Player Valuation: £40m
What I would love if that 'everton' part of the exterior to be a giant screen (like near Queen Square) that loops images of our former glory trophy wins/legend players.

Something like that on a constant loop would certainly catch tourists eyes especially at night.
I’d rather it showed pics of bolasie , Morgan and sandro etc to show how mistakes must not be repeated


Player Valuation: £70m
95% of supporters think

Bramley moore is a good idea
We could use it to host non-EFC events
We should redevelop goodison park to leave a legacy

Surprising facts that are now proven , are on paper and ready to be handed over to the planners
Them lads like their bits of paper rather than rumour and hearsay


Player Valuation: £70m
It is worth mentioning that within the construction industry the period of time that elapses between the purchase of land and the beginning of construction is around two and a half years as a general rule of thumb.
I have worked in the industry most of my working life and find that this is a fairly accurate estimation. So for a large and complex project such as this ,the time frame thus far is entirely within the bounds of what would be expected.
Lad I know bought a site with OPP for a house
Took him 4 years to get it built with planning and regs at every stage
That was a 4 bed detached house


Player Valuation: £500k
I'm actually firstly shocked that it's got this far.

Secondly, not having read anyone else's posts on it yet, I'll either be with everyone or people will jump on my back here, BUT

it's slightly underwhelming? Certainly not iconic.

Obviously if they are only the first drafts then ok, but, I dunno.

(Going to read others thoughts now so I'll either get dogs abuse or people will ignore cos it's what everyone's saying hahaha)
This is right. Those including me that are underwhelmed are shot down by moan moan moan whinge whinge whinge.

Quite rightly it's a brand spanking new stadium, no obstructed views and it's bigger than Goodison in a great future waterfront setting. Ticks a box. Ticks a few boxes.

But some are easily pleased. I really hope it's just the basic designs (particularly the exterior) as it is very bland and certainly not iconic. Certainly not in keeping with the docks. To be honest the exterior is virtually the same as images about 2 or 3 years ago. Nothing eye catching.

I'm also underwhelmed with the capacity as we know now is to be 52,000. For heaven's sake Everton we need a bigger stadium than that. Again, some are easily pleased 52k is enough and we will never fill 60k.... I really think we're the ones who will be kicking ourselves if we don't match our competitors. Both in general seating and corporate boxes. I feel a lot of this is from Elstone he's the one who wanted this "intimate" arena and "steep" seating. If the size of the plot isn't enough to build out why won't Meis build proper double decker stands?


Player Valuation: £8m
I also think with FFP Moshiri will want this built as soon as possible in the hopes of getting a decent naming rights/sponsorship deals along with the obvious revenues boost that it will bring.

Would not be shocked in the slightest if its done in 3 seasons time.

As said I just hope the club have the playing side sorted out before then so we move to BMD on a high.


Player Valuation: £70m
FWIW my position on "iconic" has changed over the lifetime of this scheme. I did think that it could only be described as such if it had a unique frontage/roof/materials etc....which would be nice too. However, I've gradually accepted they might well be out of the reach of a club looking to get financing for this stadium and that in those circumstances we have to accept the fact that "iconic" relates to the location - on a globally recognisable waterfront and part of a world heritage site. It would be hard pressed not to be impressive on that site. And make no mistake about it, the Kopites will be spitting blood at the sight of our ground being projected like that.

That all being said, and due to funding and the record of this club ballsing up anything worth doing, I still rate the chances of this happening at no better than about 20%.
If everything goes to plan and there are designs out in the summer (with no footballing distractions), a planning application in and everything is still running smoothly, we're going to see some heads fall off.

On whether the exterior can be classed as "iconic" or not, I do think that the location will see to that, no problem. As long as the design's neither too safe nor too out-there, it can't fail to be seen as special for me.

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