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Player Valuation: £70m
Personally I don't understand why Goodison can't be dismantled and a new "bowl" arena built which would probably seat 50,000. Goodison is ageing and is essentially a collection of separate stands but the site on which it stands could still hold a more modern, efficient stadium couldn't it?

I have the feeling that this is to deflect the anger when we are told that there is no money to buy Lukaku or anyone else as "we are investing in a new stadium". That excuse could be good for the next decade!

Considering the help that London clubs get (and with West ham being given an olympic stadium) we should be given more help otherwise it's all anti-competitive.
there probably is a reason!

Black Belt Jones

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which locations would be best in your opinion lads?
The North dock area would be smart, if we're dreaming like.

The best part of Goodison, IMHO, is how it rises from the streets - it well and truly is the People's Club in that regard. Don't think this could ever be replicated in a new location.


Player Valuation: £50m
The debate? Wonder what that will be...."Our thanks to LCC and Joe Anderson for identifying the land that will be given to the club, so we just need to decide on which cheap flatpak stadia you,d like us to build as we have no intention of puttting any of our money into it ! So shall we stay where we are or shall we invite Morrisons upto the stage to show us the thing with lights on." Round of applause for the Morrisons man then.....


Player Valuation: £35m
If Croke Park in Dublin, in the city centre surrounded by housing, with a railway line at one end, and a railway and canal at the other end can be developed from a crap ageing stadium in the early 90s to a modern 80,000 capacity ground with excellent corporate and conference facilities, by an amateur sports organisation, then surely Everton can do something with Goodison.


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Time for another debate? Divisive prospectus to move to The Souless Bowl in Nowheresville? We missed the gravy train with Kings' Waterfront. Everything else since then has been piffle and balderdash...

But yeah, let's have a debate. We've got some mass debaters running our great club (into the ground).

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