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It's the 'digital time stamp' that is being purchased, not the image itself. So it's entirely possible to get a 'digital time stamp' of something that you don't even own. I could upload the Everton badge onto a blockchain without permission, for example. I'd then have a 'digital time stamp' pertaining to the badge but it wouldn't do me much good because I don't own the rights to the Everton badge. However, if I did own the rights to the Everton badge, recording it on a blockchain with a digital time stamp could be a method of proving ownership. If you buy into this, it's the time stamp that has value, not the image itself.
I'm reading this as the time stamp only having real value if they think they can successfully rewrite fair use laws through litigation.

Eg: GOT gets a cease-and-desist to quit using the club's logo unless he buys an EFT and can demonstrate the time stamp.


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I think I qualify as an Everton Da ,somebody translate this into English please :eek:
<< A digital wearable is a non-physical, photo-realistic garment, often created with a mixture of 2D and 3D tools, that can be displayed in digital form within the Metaverse, fashion platforms or as character skins as in-game assets. Fancurve’s digital wearables are specifically designed to be worn by fan avatars on the Fancurve platform and across the Metaverse.>>
OK I've had enough with modern now. Think I'll join a steam engine club.

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