New Everton Stadium Discussion

That’s one of the bars in Village Street where packages start at £1950 plus vat but includes a free bar.

Well that would be disappointing as I don't see how it could be more basic than what is shown, unless members use the same bars perhaps say 6 times a season? If that is the case had I paid the 2 and a half grand I'd be a bit upset the general riff raff being let in and filling it up!
In the stadium newsletter it talks about seasonal membership to bars which are about to be released and shows what I assume would be one of those, which looks like a generic sports bar:

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Would people be interested in paying extra to gain access to one of these on a match day?
Not for me .
Beer costs enough without having to pay twice,

I have heard they are going to be open early on match days and well after when the match is finished, they want fans to spend the day there rather than what they do now
Well the home performances need to improve drastically to keep me at the ground after the game because
All I want to do after the game is get away from the ground quick as possible