New Everton Stadium Discussion

If it’s finished mid-season presumably they’d have to- they wouldn’t have it finished in, say, October then have it gathering dust til the following July to start staging matches there. Minute it’s done it needs to be paying for itself.

They don't and won't have to move when its done, because it would be chaos moving people mid-season

As posted in October:

The club have a handover date from LOR, and its not exactly going to make for great sendoff photos, lets put it that way

We'll move in the May. There will be concerts before the first football game, the money will be fine

Why? You guessing?

Partly educated guess, I've worked in the Construction Industry for the last 25 years, partly because LoR issued a statement last year which said it would be ready IN the 24/25 season and partly because they're behind when compared to the construction programme/ sequencing that was submitted at planning stage.

So all in all, i'm confident it won't be ready for the start of the 24/25 season.

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