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Have they changed the order they're doing the west and east stands in?

The sequence in the construction management plan suggests the east stand would be built up first...unless they now turn their attention to the east stand in the coming weeks.

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Possibly. There are clearly 2 storey buildings (dressing rooms probably included) already in place on the river side, lots of scaffolding around them and clearly and area of focus.

Maybe having structures on that side will provide some shelter to the workers as the weather takes a turn in 2 months time?


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That's the best video yet. It really brings the stadium to life in terms of scale and size of the stands compared to the pitch.

Does anyone know why the rakers on the south stand seem to get steep in the lower section? There's a 'bend' about half way down. Clearly that won't be the case in reality.
You can see on this image... Just the shape of the steel frame


12 months on site, managed to dodge the rain....

12 months of brilliant work mate. Thank you from each and every one of us for all the time and effort you and the other lads put in. Without you fellas we would have very little recorded for future generations of blues to look back on and marvel at how our new home was built.

Thank you all x💙x

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