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A bid to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games by Victoria is over after the British Columbia government decided against funding the project proposed by its capital city.

Victoria 2022 Chief David Black told CTV News Thursday that without a provincial funding commitment, Canada’s only potential entry into the 2022 race must end.


With Victoria out of the race it now seems certain that the Games will return to Britain in either Liverpool or Birmingham, two cities that had already been preparing for a 2026 Games bid before the 2022 window re-opened.

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, the other remaining city in the race, is also struggling to meet the tight timelines and could follow Victoria to the exit. That means a selection by British sport authorities in September to nominate either Liverpool or Birmingham could also be the choice of the 2022 Commonwealth Games host.

Thuck ma Baws

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Hopefully the new stadium won't have any of that tunnel hospitality that city have brought in at their ground.

I think it looks amazing. Much rather be somewhere like that than sitting near the board of directors.



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Its a bit strange that the GC bid is at the stage it's at, but there's still not even an indication as to what the main stadium would look like, let alone how it would be converted for athletics. We will surely see something soon.


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Apparently Birminghams bid team have set out a plan with 22 reasons why it should be chosen as the host city.

I haven't seen one of the reasons given, yet I can confidently say I agree with all 22.
If Birmingham require any help in finding some more reasons, I am sure we will all have a big brainstorm and get them up to the new number, no matter how big that number may be.

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