New Everton Manager

Next ex-Everton manager

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Verbal Kint

Player Valuation: £30m
I have a feeling its going to be Nuno and I am not delighted. I do think he is prem worthy, but what indicators are there that he will suceed more at Everton than at Wolves. A club thats a Portuguese satillite, had Mendes who he was clearly close with etc. I would bet he achieves nothing higher than what he could muster at Wolves. Admirable sure, but not good enough especially if it doesnt come with a giant development caveat or other ratonale.
Nuno is bound for Palace and that's ok by me


Player Valuation: £15m
McNulty on 5Live mentioned the usual suspects, i.e. Rafael, Nuno and Howe. Also said not to be surprised if Moshiri pulls rank and tries to offer a big name a massive contract. Not sure it’s the route to go down after Carlo.

He should pull rank on some of them in the boardroom. Not defending Carlo to be clear . I don’t like those arse clowns who are supposed to be custodians. Don’t trust them at all.

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