New Everton Manager

Next ex-Everton manager

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Player Valuation: £70m
Absolute dream world: Simeone

Possibly realistic and might be decent choices: Ten Hag, Gallardo, Favre*, Emery? (Given what he's done at Villareal)

Could probably do worse, but also could probably do better: Potter, Dyche

Back-up choices if everyone else turns us down: Moyes, NES, etc.

Please God no: Howe

* Favre looks good on paper, given his work at Mönchengladbach and Nice and early on at Dortmund. And he's available currently. He is willing to give opportunities to younger players, too. But his tenure at Dortmund flamed out pretty hard (basically a repeat of these last few months with Ancelotti - losing inexplicably to lower-level teams, having trouble keeping the team motivated, etc.), and he's already 63, so how long would he really stick around anyway?

I just can't see Conte here either.
Favre was the logical choice to follow up Martinez. A tweak on what worked with an emphasis on being defensively sound. Instead, Moshiri had a hard on for the moon headed Dutch tit and we basically sold everything / everyone in 2 years.

Jim Hopper

Player Valuation: £60m
In the same boat mate.

Carlo knew what to do next. Where the problems lay. Had the name to persuade some big names to come and drive the team on.'ll have Iwobi, Sigurdsson, Gomes etc all waiting to show their new boss they're ready for the fight. The new boss will bring in a couple of decent players...Brands may have a gamble up his sleeve. None of it tangible or progressive just stuck....

Then there's the quality players we have that the vultures will circle as easy targets.

You’d have to hope Brands and Carlo at least sat down to draw out a plan for the summer and Brands will at least have got the ball rolling and will run it through, more so when it comes to the exodus.....

My major concern is a new manager comes in and decides he wants to keep everyone and run the rule over them for another season at least which makes me want to hurt myself.
Gawd imagine going from Carlo Ancelotti to Eddie Howe or Sean Dyche. Would be more of an Everton That moment than blowing Europa qualification when you were 2nd in the league on boxing day.


Charles Hawtrey

Player Valuation: £50m
Can we stop pretending that "PREMIER LEAGUE EXPERIENCE" is needed? We need someone who has an idea of what they want to do, is OK with youth being an integral part of their "system" if they are good enough and is willing to see us through. We constantly get the worst of the worst whenever we aim solely at players and managers because they played/managed, and FAILED, for the most part in the Premier League. There are hundreds of other managers in world football, SOMEBODY has to be better than "MOIST/DYCHE/BFS/Rafael IVE BEEN PAST IT FOR A DECADE BENITEZ".

Just so sick of doing the same thing and wondering why it fails every single time.
Can I give this 2 likes?


Player Valuation: £70m
Imagine constantly moaning about Carlo being negative and then spouting this utter garbo

The issue Is defo the fans

The difference is Carlo rewarded crap lazy players with the captains armband - Moist and Dyche would have booted em.

And Moist finished above the mighty Carlo who finished 12th and 10th with us.

Not everything is about a managers reputation all about what they bring to the table in terms of managing this group of players not some fairytale CL quality squad we hoped we were signing this summer.
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