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Allardyce Out
His comment wasn't fine in my opinion

It was a mealy-mouthed attempt at trying to spin it

He should just be honest

He was angry they couldn't lay a glove on us and made a snide comment

Apologise as a matter of courtesy, and if anyone still has an issue after that then that's on them

If we truly were a small club then he wouldn't have taken the job to begin with

It's literally just a matter of courtesy to apologise for the remark so that he can extend the olive branch and try to create a positive relationship with the fan base

Again, it's something he should be entirely capable of

I'll certainly consider the matter closed if he does

That's exactly what happened, but to me he clearly meant the way we set up on the day, not the club as a whole. And the truth is he was 100% right.

He can't apologise for what he didn't mean to say, he can only apologise for the mistake.


Player Valuation: £60m
Johnson, no.
The others, yes.
Would I have supported the likes of Souness, McDermott, Case, Aldridge….? Gerrard? Absolutely not. The reason is simple and clear. Slight involvement, or cracking player, and not full on RS persona, I will give a chance and get behind. Beardsley and co earned it and deserved it, as did Morrisey in the 60s.
Benitez is, in my opinion, far closer to the Aldridge end of the scale than Kevin Sheedy!!!
Did you support the dream team of big Sam and Sammy Lee. Surely Sammy Lee is worse? I'm beyond caring personally


Please don't call me "Mickey" lar
After, what, 17 years. Yeah, that would DEFINITELY be him being "contrite".

Or, you know, him pandering to a fanbase that despises him.

I'm fine with him pandering

It would at least show that he cared somewhat about establishing a positive relationship with the fan base

He has to be seen to be making an effort in my opinion, otherwise he's cooked from the start (He probably is anyway like, but at least that way he can't say that he didn't try)

Saint Domingo

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Carragher was asked by Jim White for his opinion on our new manager and he replied with I’ll just sit back and eat popcorn and watch how it unfolds. Idiot.

After Alrdridge he’s potentially the biggest idiot in football. The bloke spat at child because his team lost. I don’t know why anyone bothers to listen to him, he’s a complete and utter balloon.


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To me it's a simple matter of respect and a clear extension of an olive branch

Benitez apologising for the comment would be a moment of contrition that showed he was committed to trying and establish a decent relationship with the fan base

I'll say this right now, if he did apologise I would consider the matter closed and I'd tell anyone else who was still bothered by it to let it go

It's nothing more than a show of good faith and an act of courtesy on his part

He should be capable of that
I agree but I do think we’re unlikely to get an apology. Not becuase he isn’t sorry but I think he’s kind of previously addressed it in terms of saying it was lost in translation and he was referring to how we’d played on the day. I think we might get a sorry if anyone was offended by what I said. It wasn’t meant as a dig against the club and history.

personally I’m not really bothered about it, Moyes referred to us as the people’s club implying Liverpool are soulless. If they are or they aren’t I can’t imagine their fans were happy with the statement. It’s just football to me and part and parcel of having rivals
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