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Player Valuation: £60m
It's kind of my point entirely. I'm sure @Azza is a perfectly decent bloke and in general I avoid policing what people say as I'm sure there's no malice meant in it. But there is far far worse written on here and every football forum up and down the country than me suggesting Benitez might want to consider losing a bit of weight.

It's muscle, not fat, leave him alone.




Player Valuation: £70m
I would be very surprised if we spend really big money this summer, or next. We were in the top 4 in January and 'strengthened' by bringing in one loan player. We lost our manager and appear to have confined our search exclusively to replacements who are not currently employed and so don't have to be compensated. Pretty much the only way the club could possibly get fans onside about the Benitez appointment is by dropping into all the hints that he's going to be backed by an enormous amount of money, and yet there hasn't been a peep. We're not going anywhere fast by buying 3/4 players a year at an outlay of £60m or whatever like last year. That's not a complaint, it's just a fact. We could build slowly with that approach but Benitez has shown no ability to do that.

Forgetting who he is and just looking at his record and our position, by far the most likely scenario is that we plod along hanging onto the coattails of the top 6 and occasionally looking like we might join them before ultimately failing. Again. Because he is who he is though, it probably becomes more likely that it will end in disaster, because there's a very real chance that the banners that are being talked about so much start appearing at games, and being accompanied by boos and chants, and once that happens a parting of the ways becomes almost inevitable.

Benitez could be very successful here, of course he could, but loking at it logically it's pretty clearly the least likely scenario.

Who would you want, who's employed?

I mean, who we could realistically get that is. That market is very, very thin.


Player Valuation: £30m
I see the BBC have the FSW banner on the Everton page only. They are assuming it’s Everton related and not a vengeful RS.
Very anti Everton that without proof.
He’s never even managed us!
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