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I'm not talking about revenue and boycotts. Ilm talking about ground protests and the use of social media to create turmoil.

The appointment of Benitez will cause a major rupture.
I think you're overstating it, I know plenty of Blues who think Rafael is a good manager and would be prepared to move on. On the other hand I know plenty who don't consider him to be a good manager, but would still be prepared to accept him and try to move on (I include myself in this category). There is obviously a core who will be strongly opposed, but I don't see a 'major rupture'.

The main issue for me is not Rafael but how the club is run, many years ago we were admired for our solid governance and sensible approach, much in the way Arsenal were under Dein, those days seem a distant memory now and for me personally that is the point of disconnect. I'm losing interest because of how I perceive the club, Rafael, Fat Sam, Carlo, none of that really matters for me in the context of what is going on behind the scenes, I just don't 'get' Everton these days.


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Everton don’t have day trippers though, or only a few at a push.
The club will lose match going fans over this. They may not come back.
“No ones arsed about them, we have a waiting list etc”

It’s a massive, massive mistake.

Yeah that would be my experience. Outside of fans from the city, I'd say >99% of other fans at a game will live elsewhere in the UK or in Ireland.

Alienating the fanbase brings absolutely no benefits that I can see, and in fact makes everything they've said in recent months about valuing fans completely hollow and worthless.


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Papa Shango

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If it is benitez my seat goes empty for the duration.

If I do sell it back to the club I'm doing it at the last minute to reduce the chance of them selling it on each time.

Just "rent" it to someone.

Means you don't lose anything and get to pick things up again when we inevitably are looking for a new manager at Christmas.

You must have some RS mates who would take the ticket off you to witness their heroes glorious return to Premier League football?


His future will be dictated by the team’s results. Moshiri isn’t necessarily a patient man and if Benitez doesn’t improve on last season then he’ll be under huge pressure.

Possibly, but I find it very hard to imagine him putting his hands up and admitting he got it wrong. See all his outlandish comments in the past of digging himself out of a hole over Lukaku transfer (voodoo-gate) and Sissoko turning us down (he wanted to keep McCarthy instead).


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You can easily imagine Conte saying I want unlimited backing in the transfer market before he’d even sit down to discuss terms.

CV wise, Benitez has the best out of all those seriously linked to the job. I don’t think Conte was ever seriously in the running at all.

My major concerns are that he’s an extremely divisive figure and that he’s no longer at the peak of his powers. The RS get guys like Benitez and Klopp when they’re at their absolute best. We’ve appointed Ancelotti and now likely Benitez when they’re in their 60s and on the wane.
My only concern re. any new Manager is how we get around FFP. Wanting 'unlimited' funds surely cannot be a pre-requisite if we are hamstrung by financial restrictions otherwise Uncle Alister would just sign off on £200m plus and say 'there you go my boy, get us the best in the World...and keep the change'.

Presumably, we need to offload all the deadwood, first? This is a serious question as I really do not understand the ramifications of FFP so please feel free to enlighten me.


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Sums it up really

Why is Usmanov having a say in who our manager should be. If he wants to be in charge then he should acquire the shares and make it a reality.

I'm fed up with people with zero knowledge of football making football decisions for the club. Most fans have as good a knowledge of the game as our owners.

And why is he asking Abramovich? He sacked Benitez after a few months.
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