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Next ex-Everton manager

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I think this fella has a decent point. I’m sure the hardcore element of either view will shout very shouty things at me but I thought it was a decent shout.

Yeah, I'm staggered at the sheer nonsense being used to oppose Benitez given what has actually been pepetrated against Evertonians BY Evertonians over the last 20 years. Stubbs selling Rooney out from underneath us, Kenwright saying he wouldn't take 50m for Rooney and then taking almost half that, Kenwright trying to move us to a suburban supermarket and declaring Goodison a health and safety risk, Kenwright "ringfencing" money for the King's Dock and then, somehow, not ringfencing it, players being sold out (fair enough) but then either vilified as mercenaries or spun as sob stories ("he was in tears") to placate gullible fans, etc etc.

The only legitimate reason to be opposed to Benitez is a concern that he is over the hill - which he could very well be. All the other stuff is emotional guff.


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If fan reaction is anything to go by, here and twitter this will be a disaster. I appreciate people think social media isn't a true gauge but a lot of STH are griping over it.
Think they the club putting the name out there and checking the reaction hope so anyway.


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Wouldn’t it be great if this was EFC getting its own back on FSW leading him along and then telling him to sod off just as he’s got his hopes up because of who he is and what he said.

Dwight K Schrute

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I think this fella has a decent point. I’m sure the hardcore element of either view will shout very shouty things at me but I thought it was a decent shout.

But the point is missed here. I know for some people, the fact that he was their manager and said some offensive stuff about us is the be all and end all.

For me, I couldn't care less. My issue is the dross football, the fact that he like to be in charge of every aspect of a club, that he doesn't use youth, that he's terrible in the transfer market. And almost every Evertonian I speak with doesn't want him for those reasons.

The issue is that if you combine the fans who don't want him for the reasons above, with the fans who don't want him because of his connections and past comments, then I reckon you must be talking 90% plus of our fan base who are vehemently opposed to his being manager - that is simply untenable.
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