New Everton Manager

Next ex-Everton manager

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Player Valuation: £70m
I had the same thought. If Everton were winning trophies and say Ancelotti had said that, blues would print it on shirts.

I still think it will be Nuno however how brilliant would it be if Benitez was the one to end our trophy drought / took us into the CL that lot would be up in arms it would be hilarious lol

I actually think he would work his arse off as well as he is local to the area and knows he would need to win over the fanbase - whereas I look at Nuno who looked burnt out at Wolves last season and question does he have the fire in his belly to start over again so soon at a demanding club like ours?

Dario Terracotta

Player Valuation: £70m
I'm trying to look at this without my Royal Blue specs on as in how would we feel if he had achieved those trophies with for example Spurs and not that shower, would we still not want him?personally I am more concerned that he hasn't done much at all of note the last five/six years.
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