Need some rules enlightenment.

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Tennessee Blue Mike

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How in gods name is Petrov not sent off handling the ball on the line?

Even having playing the advantage didn't Atkinson have to red card him and send him off? I just don't understand it.:(


Staff member
Dont understand it myself, refs often play advantage and then go back and book a player who made an earlier foul if he deems it worthy


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He was going to blow for a penalty aswell. At the very least it shouldve been a yellow.

Robert Jarvis

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You would be calling a different tune if they had managed to equalise. It should have been a Red, surely not just for handling but last man.

little curly alan ball

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Yeah lad . All 3 Officials had a mare . Petrov was lucky , but I though that little horrible fuka Ashley Young was even luckier . One little bastardo that . But no matter .
Ref tried to let it flow , and just kept getting it wrong .
Onwards Evertonians , ...

Seamus Colemole

Previously deathbyropeandglass
I just assumed he saw the ball drop to Rodwell so waited to see what happened, then we scored so he thought even though Petrov denied a goal with his hand we scored anyway so no need for the red.


The referee hasnt taken action then the FA apprently are "allowed" to and he should still get 3 game ban, but he wont.

Seamus Colemole

Previously deathbyropeandglass
The referee hasnt taken action then the FA apprently are "allowed" to and he should still get 3 game ban, but he wont.
Yeah but the ref saw didn't he and choose not to do anything.

Thats the usual FA get out.

Wonder what the ref would of done if Rodwell had put his shot wide.
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