2022/23 Nathan Patterson


Player Valuation: £950k
I seen a lot there today that was good. He competed very well. That was what was required in a Merseyside Derby. But I also saw him knock balls back that went out for corners to Liverpool, I saw him losing track of who was behind him again in the area, and my biggest criticism is that for a lad with pace and power he is VERY timid at taking on the opposition FB one to one.

He deserves a 7/10 for that game today because he was targeted by Liverpool and held up very well. But those things above are all still there to be worked on, and you can bet Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole will be on at him over it. Cole especially will be asking why he's failing to drive at and commit the opposition LB.
Your talking [Poor language removed]! I'll take the telling off for the language cause your talking crap! He was excellent, he might have not had a perfect game but he's a young lad in his first real season of football with a new club.

This lad will absolutely ram your opinion of him down your throat time and time again.

Charlie Sweet

Player Valuation: £30m

He is already worth £20m.

Great business, love what I saw tonight - that was on a different level to what he has done so far.

Loved in the first half when he tracked back and stopped an overlapping run - he proper celebrated. He is invested, and knows that defensively he needs to perform and how important it is.

I love that he is simply a great right back. Too much attention spent on full backs flying down the wings. First job is to defend.

We were blessed with a top class right back for a decade with Seamus. We could have another one here - or if not a £50m+ profit


Player Valuation: £35m
Thought he was outstanding today...then entire team though...even Dwight was good when he came on.

Gana just rolled back the years like he'd never left...they were so lucky not to lose, and Big Ugly Teeth and Lady Bun were both pissed in their interviews that they had "dropped" another two points.

F'Em, C...
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