2022/23 Nathan Patterson


Player Valuation: £100m
He was never a good defender, no.

He was very good in a man-marking role - as was pointed out- when asked to take on that responsibility. In general play, not great defensively. In his early days, he had a touch of dynamism about himself going forward, too, but technically he was always second rate. He had and has a very good attitude for a player of his status, but he has basically taken his talent to its limit which is to his credit. Right now, and for half a decade now, that level should not and has not been good enough for an ambitious Premier League team.

Coleman was an excellent player, and an excellent all round full back for a good number of years. His attacking threat started to diminish before his defensive skills started to diminish.

He's been an excellent player for the club but he's just not that good anymore. A good player to have around the squad still, but I don't think he can cope with playing every week and it will cost us points.


Player Valuation: £120m
Not sure which leg, but it's a knee injury this time. It depends how serious it is. If it's an ACL then yes, there is obvious long term concern but let's hope it's not as serious as that.

Did you see how he got injured? It wasn’t a trait of being injury prone. Any player would have got injured falling like that.


Player Valuation: £150m
The defence as a whole will be able to plug holes better. Gueye will be a big factor in this. If Coady or Tarkowski need to shift over, they will know that Gana won't be too far away, and even if he is, he'll see what's happening and be doing his best to help out his defence. Even Iwobi has nicked a couple of balls in that central defensive area already this season.

It's a world away from Andre Gomes doing nothing other than pretending to be the worlds left back when trying to thwart an opposition attack.
Exactly. The views on Coleman and his defensive liability are based on a different set of circumstances from last season. We are a completely different proposition in that respect this season. And as you righly point out Gueye is going to be a key factor in maintaining our shape.


Player Valuation: £50m
I loved Coleman, but he was declining before the leg break.

The way he plays, he was always going to struggle to maintain his ability, but his effort never changed. He’s not Premier League standard nowadays, by a long way.

People moaning about his defensive skills, if we’d had a fullback who can attack and defend to an elite standard, he wouldn’t have stayed at Everton.

But that said, people have every right to moan about his reemergence, due to everyone wanting his replacement, and him finally coming good, in Patterson.
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