Transfer Rumour Moussa Sissoko

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Dirty Dutch

Player Valuation: £1m
£55M on Bolasie and Sissoko...


There's not one guy who would be happy with that before the window and now all of a sudden there are people who really think we've done some good deals:zzz:

If west ham would've done this everybody would go nuts from laughing at them. Oh and i forgot we also getting their 4th striker. :celebrate:


Player Valuation: £1.5m
I reckon its a boss signing this if we pull it off, i alao want it just to do to spurs what theyve done to us a few times when weve been after players and theyve swooped in like a magpie

II McColl II

Player Valuation: £6m
Don't really care for the player whether he joins or goes to Spurs but this is Everton all over this.

An overpriced player been available for months, we bid at the last minute and what team is there as always, Spurs

This has been poor from us though, entire summer to get deals done and might end up with Enner Valencia on loan HAHAHA

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