2021/22 Michael Keane

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I don't think the defence was that bad. They were let down by the players in front of them tbh
I thought keane was poor. His positioning , his lazy passing, his misreading of high balls. He is a shocking defender who has 1 good game in 5. Relegation defender and throw holgate in and it's a clown show

When you have a clown show with the back 4 you cannot put gomes in to anchor the midfield. That's laughable and sad just like a clown🙈


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He will get caught out time and time again next week. To get a result against City your defenders need to be spot on. He'll be horrendous.


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Gomes played for Barcelona. He should be able to control a football.
Not absolving Gomes as he was absolutely abysmal but it was a stupid pass to play to him. Yes we want to play out from the back but use your footballing nous - if it’s not on play the ball into the channel.


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If Gomes cant take a ball into his feet, take a touch and move it on, then what can he do.
I thought that was the one single thing he was meant to have in his locker.


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He can do that. The pass from Keane was a shocker.
It wasn't the smartest pass but all he needed to do was lay it off wide, either first time or 2 touch. He took a terrible heavy touch then tried to foul the player rather than win the ball. He made a right hash of it when technique should be the one thing he has in the locker.

His tackling is also getting progressively worse too somehow. That knee in the back thing was completely unprofessional.


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I think Michael Keane is one of our biggest problems. The main centre back should be a leader, an inspiring figure, like Brian Labone or Dave Watson, John Terry, Terry Adams, or, dare I say it, Virgil Van Dead. Can you imagine being in a dressing room before an important game, and looking to Keane to inspire you? He must be the weakest centre back in the Prem.
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