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Player Valuation: £30m
I love seeing the videos of the players celebrating but please remember they’re celebrating narrowly avoiding a relegation. They should be apologising to us not celebrating.
They are probably celebrating that they are not going to go down in Everton history, for being in the team that was relegated.

There are a few players there that have proved they care about the club, with the work rate and effort in recent times.


Player Valuation: £100k
What a night !!!


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I'll take down dat coal powered MG, I tel u Hwat
Couple of things regarding this video....
you can actually see the realisation on Andre Gomes's face that he's crap.

No way Mina was injured

I think Richy and Seamus are leaving

Lampard has a serious crush on Seamus

I get the celebrations, i'm all for it but i can see how people will cringe at it
Please 1 more year richy please.
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