Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE ONLY!


Player Valuation: £25k
Morning all, I'm probably clutching at straws but would love a ticket for the Spurs game if anyone can't make it.


Player Valuation: Free Transfer
Hi all,
Desperate for 1 ticket for Spurs, travel already booked - I'm able to pick up in North West until Friday, my friend can also meet in London between now & Sunday.
07951 480 972, thank you!


Player Valuation: £35m

I think this fella is genuine but can't/won't vouch for him. They are corporate tickets so will be pricey. The Palace ones were £210.

James Morris

Player Valuation: £25k
Hi All,

Please use this thread for all Everton Match ticket spares and requests.

We’ve ran this thread successfully for several years, fans offering spare tickets to home and away games.

This season with the huge increase in season ticket holders, with 9 out of 10 tickets a season ticket holder - tickets for Goodison matches are very difficult to obtain. However one of the results of this is increased availability at Stubhub – the official Everton exchange where season ticket holders who can’t attend the match put their seat up for sale on a match by match basis. This service offers greater security and convenience than direct fan to fan exchanges.

As with our own exchange here we do not support the listing of tickets above face value. We’d ask if as a season ticket holder selling your seat you would list at face value.

If you are considering using Stubhub, Grandoldteam would benefit in a very small way by you using this link. Thank you

For away matches, and for those not wishing to use Stubhub, please take note of the following:

  1. All tickets MUST be sold at no more than face value. Requests to receive more than face value, or offers to pay more than face value, will result in your account being suspended.

  2. GrandOldTeam do not endorse any ticket transaction made via our website. All transactions made at your own risk.
All online purchases carry some risk. To help mitigate that risk, we recommend;
  • Payment Method. Do not, under any circumstance pay via direct bank transfer. This payment method offers you no protection whatsoever. Once you pay, there no way to reverse the payment and your bank will not refund, or track any money lost. Do your home work on payment methods, understand what, if any protection each offer. As an example, Paypal offers some valuable added protection.
  • Where possible meet face to face, ideally at one of Everton's matches and exchange in person.
  • If a person attempts to communicate via GOT private messaging, texts or other messaging services rather than through an open forum, please be cautious.
  • Use the search function in the thread to see if the poster has offered tickets before, contact via private conversation anyone who appears to have bought from the poster in the past to verify.
  • Check the poster's history on this site - has the poster registered here recently or been here a long time?
  • If in any doubt, contact a moderator of GrandOldTeam here.
Hi. Looking for 1 spare for Spurs away. London based. Cheers.

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