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Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE ONLY!

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Player Valuation: £25k
Like a few others looking for 1 adult ticket for watford. Live in area so can do last min spares on the day. Thanks all.

Jeff Jones

Player Valuation: £35m
I live in Melbourne and I'm planning a trip to Britain. What's the best way to get tickets - 2, but one would do - for the Bournemouth match on May 17th?


Player Valuation: £100k
I live in Melbourne and I'm planning a trip to Britain. What's the best way to get tickets - 2, but one would do - for the Bournemouth match on May 17th?
keep looking/asking on here. Last game of the season so unlikely to happen but can wait for them to go on general sale, just keep an eye on the ticketing info on EFC website. StubHub, usually a link on EFC page once the game has sold out. Twitter/Facebook


Player Valuation: £25k

My lad and his mate have just been let down (not through this forum I might add) on two tickets for tomorrow. They've got their train booked, the lot. If anyone can help them out, please text/phone me on 07795 111040. I know from looking at the messages above there's plenty of folk looking for spares, but any help gratefully appreciated.



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