Martinez Mayhem

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bring back the catt

Player Valuation: £8m
It’s going to get so much worse tho with that idiot here, if it’s him….
I've been out and only just logged in, but is there any truth in this?
Haven't looked as I have been searching for bleach. Or napalm. Or anything really, but wasn't El Loco the FIRST manager Moshiri gave the bullet?
Mosh really hasn't learnt that much since then, unless of course Martinez has.


Staff member
Think he'd do well from now until the end of the season.

Novelty factor of going from a personality of Benitez to Martinez...

Bit like his first season, from Moyes to Martinez.

And a more drastic example - when Ranieri took over from Pearson at Leicester.

I've always felt Martinez is well suited to international football - I think he gets tedious/his words lose impact/he becomes a parody at club level.


Player Valuation: £8m
Get in!

Now is your time to shine Mo! I have never lost faith.

Bobby’s back?!



Baines' left foot

Player Valuation: £70m
I’ve still got a soft spot for Martinez so I wouldn’t be dead against this, but it would worry me a bit.

He was the last manager who truly seemed to understand what was important to the club and supporters. He really bought in to it and I wonder if things could have been better had he had the money that Koeman and Silva had.
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