2018/19 Marco Silva


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Has he built his house though? Digne, richarlison, bernard and gomes the only players hes brought in who started today and again you could argue they were all effective. This is my conflict, I'm gutted with what we are at the moment, but this squad isn't his squad and the players hes brought in have largely been successful. Theres a weak mentality in the squad but its bringing in leaders to the squad and team that will change that, not changing the manager. Ultimately any manager can only do so much, if your players fall to pieces when they cross the white line, what can they do? We have seen this under numerous managers at everton now, the development of this "everton that" mentality that we as fans are now overly familiar with.
You are forgetting Zouma, so yes he is responsible for 50% of this house.

We finished 8th last season without those players and are not going to finish that high this season. Ergo, he has apparently improved half the side and we are actually worse.


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Enough is enough, need a new manager and also a new captain on the pitch, there's no leadership anywhere in our team...

Need a new keeper, new right back, new striker...


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Been critical of him but being honest it's not down yo him that. Keane and pickford are to blame for the ridiculous goals they let happen

Bringing mina on was the wrong move thoufg just invited more pressure


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Will be interesting to see how the team responds to another choke job. If its anything like after Millwall, Little Marco will be gone at season's end.


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We got worse when he brought an extra defender on. What's all that about.
We conceded ground and went into a defensive mindset. When our "mind" can't be "set" to "defensive" cos we can't defend! Shocking, shocking decision - and let's be honest, we all thought it when he did it!

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Done for me after today.

You judge a manager on his tactics,game management and how he motivates a side, today showed a complete headless chicken after a very good 1st half.

Players will make mistakes and rightfully be criticized when deserved as a few deserve today but the turning of that game falls on Silva's head thinking it's a smart idea to give up control of the game in order to play a 5 back defensive line with 20 minutes of the game to go and knowing your side is mentally weak under pressure and asking them to see the game out.

Not just that but his player decisions in those subs, Mina's hardly played a game recently, Sigurdsson can't run up and down a wing so why did he end up out on the right wing. We free'd up the middle of the pitch doing this adding pressure on Gomes and Gueye and a defence that dropped deeper and deeper leaving gaps for their defenders and Shelvey in front of the 2 midfielders and pocket's of space behind them like for the Almiron long shot.

Pathetic game management.

Wat Tyler

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Honestly if we keep him in the summer, I’ll be worrying about relegation next season. Not an exaggeration, not a knee jerk reaction.


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Can't blame him for that Everton were 0-2 up playing nice football in control
Appalling game management. Changing the shape to some completely confusing when they're just launching it at us and piling it on. All we needed was some fresh legs in to find some space and he brings on a central defender to soak up all the pressure. Moronic.

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