Marcel Brands


Player Valuation: £30m
His recent contract extension epitomises our club.

Failure is not only tolerated, but generously rewarded.
That should be in Latin on our badge. A no level apart from the manager is there any accountability. Scouting network, U23 manager even the tech team for press conferences all appear to be failing consistently from the outside.

Ray Purchase

Player Valuation: £950k
Here is the new stadium plan that Marcel proposed.



Player Valuation: £70m
Id disagree with the premise mate, each of the three were out on loan in some cases multiple times, so a market xiested, however each of those clubs were able to maintain the liability on Everton and mitigate the risk on themselves., we're talking of 70 mill of payed for talent, allowed to leave for 0. excluding the wages we paid them, to be honest i think we are viewed of a soft touch in the game. Look at Kean, one of the brightest young strikers in the league, double digits for one of the highest profile teams in Europe and CL last season, huge upside and we could only manage a two year loan for him. We're absolutely a soft touch, to the determent of the welfare of the club.

It cant always be circumstances or someone's else fault when it comes to the imcompatance in regard to our recruitment ins and outs, yet that seems to be your only mitigation. You haven't given one compelling reason on his value and I'm actually open minded, to wanting this lad to succeed, you are just asking cyclical questions without any compelling answers or evidence around a positive viewpoint, very unconvincing.

If a market existed they would have been bought.

Brands has done some good which many refuse to recognise, I am just asking for a bit of balance in the view of him as DoF.


Player Valuation: £70m
Brands has been a huge failure. Although, it seems theres a lot of people at the club who aren’t good enough in their respective jobs. Coaches, we seem to go down the sentimental route & employ ex players, Baines (development coach) Unsworth, Ferguson. Scouts? We’ve had so many opportunities to rip it up & start again from the bottom with all the new managers we’ve had. Yet some faces remain throughout it all. I want innovative coaches/training not ex legends that we’re too frightened to get rid of or move sidewards.Too much sentimentality. We need to start acting like a big club & not a family club.

ATM add to that our medical team.


Player Valuation: £50m
If a market existed they would have been bought.

Brands has done some good which many refuse to recognise, I am just asking for a bit of balance in the view of him as DoF.
It's very rare that there are zero takers for a player, otherwise every club would be in a similar position, seeing as though they all make mistakes in the market.

Unless these players are so bad that they can't even get an agent, it's not really a valid excuse.

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