Marcel Brands


Player Valuation: £8m
At this present moment the club is in a terrible state, I think there needs to be full transparency of what’s happened the past 5 years:

- Who has been responsible for recruitment? If it’s not all brands, then why not?
- If brands hasn’t had full control then why not?
- What is his actual remit?
- If Moshiri insists on butting in then why hasn’t brands stood up to him?
- What’s the plan for the next five years? Another scatter gun approach?
- Why have multiple different managers been able to bring in players that don’t suit a certain system?

There obviously is many more questions but the only way to get this club back on track is a complete root and branch analysis, and if sacking people like brands has to be done then do it.
I do have a bit of sympathy for brands because I don’t think he’s been allowed to perform his job properly, he should have all the say on football matters from top to bottom but yet doesn’t seem to have much influence anywhere.
Anyway something needs to change because I haven’t ever felt this disjointed from the club.


Player Valuation: £90m
Looks the part.

Looks good in a suit.

His credentials are Eredivisie...

Inherited a nightmare.

That had to give him time and patience.

To be fair to him, the squad now is healthier (less bloat anyway) than what he inherited but competitively, he's sent us backwards.

On the pitch, we're significantly less competitive now, than before he arrived.

Where's the line when you say sack?

After the final whistle last season I shared my opinion if we don't improve this season, then his position should be seriously reviewed.

If we don't finish top 10 this season, added to our performance since he arrived - how can you really make a case for him staying?

Saint Domingo

Player Valuation: £70m
If it’s true that he responded to that fan with ‘do you think it’s just the players’ then he has to go as it’s clear the FOF and manager aren’t aligned.


Player Valuation: £8m
I reckon that could've actually been a sly dig at the fans to be honest, in particular the one who confronted him.
You could be onto somethng there, hadn’t occurred to me that. But if he was quick enough to think / retort like that he’s not too sharp as it was always going to sound like a dig at the manager.


Player Valuation: £70m
Him or Benitez need the bullet. I wouldn’t be upset at both, but with that squad of players my worry is that there's not enough resilience to handle too big an upheaval.


Player Valuation: £70m
According to the guardian, Brands was against the signing of Benitez. All the signings in the summer were all “Benitez signings”. I remember reading about him overruling the Dumfries signing. Brands has made some mistakes but he has spent the past few years cleaning up the mess by Walsh and Koeman. He took a few gambles and it did not pay off. Injuries have really ruined our squad over the past few years.

All of the signings were Benitez, I've been saying for months he got full autonomy over every decision. Just because there was only £1.7m to spend doesn't make that untrue. And it also doesn't mean I don't think Gray or Townsend were good additions.


Player Valuation: £30m
Oh for sure. It's hard to see anything in some of them that suggests they would give everything (or even anything) for the cause.
My honest feeling now is if (and only in this case) we get rid of Brands and get a DoF who won’t just be Moshiri’s yes man, and we get in a more progressive manager who has some form of forward planning, we should get rid of the players we will get a decent fee for as well in the summer, and do a proper rebuild. We need a squad which is balanced, and has some depth - our squad has neither of these things

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