Marcel Brands


Player Valuation: £50m
I think it's more to do with Unsworth having the youth sides play different formations, training methods and tactical plans to the senior side.
But this should have been sorted years ago as he was winning the league with negative long ball Tactics. While Martinez was playing the ball a long the back for half the game. Both [Poor language removed], but surely you need to try and build something. So a kid coming up to the first team isn’t lost.

This is why brands should have been given 3 years to bring the first team manager in and should have got rid of unsworth and got a similar coach/coaches at youth level. Not sure he would have been up to the job, but sadly we will never know


Player Valuation: £70m
I'm not sure to be honest. I said a fair few weeks ago, but I think Rafael will be given more powers. Brands ultimately did nothing in the summer and the squad was left short. Rafael is conducting reviews on backroom staff and finding weaknesses. Something which Bra Ds should have been doing. Then last week the youth sides were told to start playing in the same style as the 1st team, there's clearly a big lack of cohesion in the background.

What money? We can't spend because of the PL profit and sustainability rules.

As The Athletic reported Brands was the person to tell Unsworth to start using the same formation as the first team. Not Benitez.


Player Valuation: £10m
You jest, but with the way you this club is run, it’s more than possible.
Oh I ain’t jesting, this guy somehow thinks he is a football genius. We now see why Kroenke never allowed him to have any control at Arsenal, he was protecting the club from a bunch of amateurs.


Player Valuation: £10m
What could Brands have done, with so little to spend though?

The other question I suppose, is does Benitez think hes a DOF?

Rafael likes total control.

Brands may have had little to spend, but who did he actually try to bring in? Unattainable targets. Why was it down to Rafael to actually ring around and bring his own players in.

Who did Brands sell and why did we make a significant loss on his own signings.

In the last 3 years, we have a net loss of nearly 100 million. That's a substantial amount of money.


Say NO to Ginger Managers
Dire recruitment.
Has collected a bunch of footballers with no coherent thought of team structure or forward planning for positions.

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