2019/20 Marcel Brands

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Player Valuation: £50m
I thought we dominated first half to be fair. Not making excuses but it’s embarrassing the midfield options we have available and it’s such a vital part of the pitch against these.
We had the better chances in the first half but I thought they looked much the better team. We just kept catching them out with that ball to walcott, but other than that I honestly thought they looked miles better than us. It was honestly one of the worst derby performances I’ve ever seen.


Player Valuation: £50m
And yet in the second half he looked like he had never seen a football before. His last touch of the first half was an utter shocker as well.
Can’t argue with that, but how anyone could single him out today I have no idea. He was good for 45 minutes more than anyone else was.

Peter The Dog

Player Valuation: £1.5m
Dread to think who he's going to sign in the January window. Just hope Moshiri has a bottomless pit, I really do. Can you imagine what the fella must be thinking when it dawns on him that he's spent hundreds of millions on this squad?


Player Valuation: £50m
Yea a couple of crosses and runs with no end product.
Misplaced balls

we already knew he was capable of all that
His cross to DCL alone was far and away better than anything any other outfield player produced. I know everyone likes to hate him because they can’t actually form their own opinions, but ALL the problems we caused them today were caused by walcott. Doesn’t mean he’s brilliant, but credit where it’s due.
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