Match Thread Man Utd v Everton. Saturday Oct 2nd.12.30 pm

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Bloody hell you'd think we were a League two side that they had lost 5-0 to.

Fergie hanging around old Trafford hasn't helped any of there managers since he left, it must be horrible to manager there with him looking and grudging you all the time.

Sheedy's right knee.

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This is where I love football and how subjective it is. Whilst Gordon overall had a good game, I can't see the intelligence. He's great when he's got the ball with an obvious pass/run to make. But countless times I've seen him unaware of where the ball will go or to be on his toes, moving into space or where he's needed.

I honestly don't see him as an answer for us in the future. I hope I'm proven wrong because I'd love to see him do it.
i maybe didn’t express my point correctly. His use of the ball I believe is intelligent but there are a few aspects of his game that could be improved as you rightly point out but he needs more game time to grow in my opinion.

Lord Buckethead

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Bloody hell you'd think we were a League two side that they had lost 5-0 to.

What does he know about managing. I be he hasn't take Rochdale to the Champion's League final on on FM2019


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Frickin love you lot. So elated at the result on Saturday. By proxy through you toffees I am a stakeholder in the premier league!! Even if you all hate me 😉. Rooting for you every game. True fans of a good old fashioned proper top division football club. I’m comin up soon with my youngest son to cheer you on at Goodison. In disguise 🥸


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Manner of that Villa loss, not losing. Of course we can lose at Villa park, but 3 goals in like 8 minutes including a terrible OG was the problem. Some of the old issues from previous years re-surfaced where we collapsed after going behind. The opposite happened on Saturday so they deserve credit.

The real terrible game this season was QPR.
I know that I watched this game, but I do not remember it all. I am not saying that there are only bits and pieces I remember; there is none of it I recall.
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