Match Thread Man City v Everton - Sunday 21st November 2pm. Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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I mean, if your going to set up like peak Pulis era Stoke, then at least make them look they're fit, well drilled and absolutely up for a dirty battle.

Last season our defense was fairly solid, key to a string of good results mid season. Turned to absolute marshmallow this season.

The problem is the midfield - has been for years and no Doucoure leaves us with nothing.

You cant expect to create anything or shield the back 4 with a pairing of Allan & Delph but thats all he has.

No Doucoure
No Gomes
No Davies

Easy to slate the manager but the squad is an absolute joke and so is the medical team.


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Given the injuries and relative quality of the players, did anyone really expect us to win today? If we tried to attack them, we would be torn apart. It’s not pretty but we are trying our best to limit the damage. Sure it’s frustrating but Pep himself wouldn’t get much of a performance from this team. In fact there is no player on this team that Guardiola would want in a team.

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