Match Thread Man City v Everton - Sunday 21st November 2pm. Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

Everton Man of the Match

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Player Valuation: £225k
Our fans are absolute mentalists blaming anyone but Brands and the shoddy medical team.

We got anal fisted 5-0 here last season under the greatest manager of all time, The Great King Carlo.

Wake up the squad is a joke.
Bang on and I hope there are some questions put at the AGM seeking explanations as to how we got to this point with only managers being held accountable. I know we will get waffle answers but they need to know they are failing.

There is no accountability for our failure to progress by those in the club who are responsible. Board, CEO and DOF/Director plus owner.


Player Valuation: £10m
Or we just keep hiring the same, wrong profile of manager?
Maybe, but if you look at our spending and the quality we have brought in it becomes plainly obvious. I don’t blame them for being purchased for ridiculously high sums of money, but they lack quality.


Player Valuation: £5m
Been better with richy out left and either Simms or Wrongdon up top after Gray went off but Benitez hadnt the balls to pull Richy wide as he'll sulk.
See what he's made of in how he sends the side out for 2nd 45

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