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Player Valuation: £35m
Everton`s season is over already, I just hope we don`t flirt with relegation because our mercenary luvvies couldnt handle that sort of pressure.....

This game went exactly how everyone thought it would, massively concerned for the next 6 games, IF we aren`t picking up 6 points from them 6 games we will be in massive trouble. Don`t forget we are six points of the drop zone and although I like to look up the table it is hard when you are in such bad form with all the hardest teams in the league coming up. But if we can be positive just 5 points off 5th and 2 points off 7th.

Brentford wont be straight forward with Richy now suspended and we face an anxious wait to see if Gray will be fit..... What sort of side could we field? I can`t contemplate a side without Mina, Doucoure, Richy, DCL & potentially Gray.

We badly need to get some wins to stop this alarming slide, since the Burnley game we have played 8 PL games, winning 1 v Norwich, drawing to Man Utd & Spurs and losing 5 to Aston Villa, West Ham, Watford, Wolves and Man City. All the teams we have lost to in that run are the sort of teams we need to be getting something from obviously excluding City so the impact of losing to the bigger teams isnt so big.

As I said we could be in some trouble by the time we get to January, we really need to some quality additions, can we even spend anything? Why would players like DCL and Richy want to play for a team like Everton? Why would any player worth their salt want to play for Everton? We are no longer a big club, we just make up the numbers not really challenging anyone and a bit crap. We are just another version of Burnley or Villa. We are so far behind the traditional top 6, Leicester, West Ham and Wolves....... such a great club destroyed in the last 3 decades, I don`t even know what we stand for anymore, all our motoes belong to a time very few of us were even born in.


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Better than 1 win in 9. We've had injuries before and found ways to compete. All we do under this manager is get our excuses in beforehand. Its embarassing weak mentality.

City had nowhere near their best side out. We waved the white flag. 20% possession and 1 shot. PATHETIC
City have to have way more people out than that to not be putting out a side still way above ours. It's a bit disheartening honestly.

blue to the bone

Player Valuation: £70m
What price were Crystal Palace?

I'm sure T Leafe didn't bet on an Everton win because he really thinks we'll win, but because the 17/1 odds are so generous
that it's worth risking at those odds

Just as I've put $20 on the draw, because I think there's a rough chance that we might get something out of this game and it's worth
risking for a return of $140.
Them odds weren't too generous after all !


Player Valuation: £35m
Wasn’t commenting about player selection. More that we went with the most basic game plan possible and never looked like pulling it off. If you’re going to set up to play 11 players in your own half, backs to the wall, you at least want to make it difficult for the better team. That was easy for city, players looked like that was the first time they’d met each other.
That defeat was down to the squad.

If you don’t have the personnel, that’s what you get.

I don’t think there is any set up with those players that would have been any better. I don’t think there is any manager that would make a difference with that squad.

Since last season we have moved Bernard, James and King On. We have also lost Siggy and found out that Gbamin is never going to recover. They have been replaced by Gray, Townsend and Rondon for minimal outlay to give us some chance of avoiding a penalty. This season is about survival. It might be next season too given the financial position.

Sassy Colombian

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Why not play Simms instead of Rondon?
Rondon has shown in the ample opportunities we've gave him that he's 100% finished at that level so why keep banging the same broken drum?
Because Benitez is a stubborn manager. Rondon, like him, are past their peek and need to accept that it is time to give our young players a chance.


Player Valuation: £70m
Fully fit, it is.

We were close last season - wheels come off but still only 2 results away from 6th.

This bunch of bottlers would never have done that. We’d have to finish above all but one of Arsenal, Spurs, Leicester, West Ham and Wolves. With a dour counter attack manager. Never would happen.
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