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Player Valuation: £8m
Benfica reject ?12m Everton offer for Luisao

Everton have been knocked back in their efforts to replace Joleon Lescott with Benfica’s Brazilian central defender Luisao.

According to reports in the Portuguese press this morning, Everton’s bid of 12 million euros was rejected.

Luisao has a release clause in his contract believed to be worth 20 million euros and Benfica will only accept a bid that is close to this price.

Manager David Moyes is believed to have targeted Luisao as a replacement for Joleon Lescott alongside Portsmouth’s Sylvain Distin.

Everton could well return with a higher offer for the 28-year-old central defender who has previously been linked with Manchester City.

Luisao, a Brazilian international (35 caps/2 goals) has established himself as one of the best defenders in Portugal since joining from Cruzeiro during the 2003/2004 season.

Richard Parker

I could write one of these articles.

Everton have been knocked back in their approach for Madrid's German international defender Christophe Metzelder. The German has fallen out of favour at the Bernebou and is seen by manager David Moyes as a perfect replacement for recently departed Joleon Lescott. Everton are believed to have tabled a bid of about £100,000,000,000 but Madrid are thought to be asking for closer to double that amount.


Yes, all the journalists have to do in making up a story is prefix it with "It is believed that..." I suspect this formula is used endlessly in the media to wilfully and knowingly spread rumours devoid of any factual basis.

Robert Jarvis

Player Valuation: £50m
Rubbish no way are we getting him, cost too much. Oh does he want to leave, does Benfica want to sell? Hmmmmmmm


Player Valuation: £750k
Full Brazillian internation defender.
20 million euros.
Benfica captain.


Bit hard to swallow this one.

Distin - most probably
Luisao - Not ****ing likely
Not open for further replies.

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