2020/21 Lucas Digne


Player Valuation: £70m
Amazing how over rated Nkounkou is on here

Looked good against farmers from the lower league but poor against Newcastle.

Lads got big potential but he's not on the level of Digne and this is a massive blow
I don't think anyone is saying he's anywhere near the same level, just that we HAVE a LB as cover. Niels is promising but just unbelievably raw. He played well in a couple matches and played crap when the guy who had the ball most of the time refused to even look his direction.

Somenoe else said "it's either Delph or Niels", that means it's Niels as Delph can't play more than once a month.


Player Valuation: £15m
Why would he start Small who's like 16 over Nkounkou who's already starte a match for us in the league?
Why not? I’m happy with either of them getting time (obviously gutted about Digne being injured mind) but the fact Smalls is being linked with Bayern and Juve and already playing in the U23’s suggests it’s not too outrageous to consider him for the squad at minimum

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