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Lower Gwladys MM76

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by BirkenheadBlue, May 16, 2017.

  1. BirkenheadBlue

    BirkenheadBlue Player Valuation: £500k

    Anyone got seats near this one? Just wondering what the view's like, any issues etc.

  2. everton2004

    everton2004 Player Valuation: Priceless Forum Supporter

    It's in the Lower Gwladys
  3. tommye

    tommye FrandOldTeam's No1 ITK. (retired) Forum Supporter

    Double denim meffs aots. Swerve.
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  4. BirkenheadBlue

    BirkenheadBlue Player Valuation: £500k

    I meant more issues with the view lol

    Would have preferred Park End, but there's no tickets there. Went in Top Balcony for my last ST, but the uber-negative atmosphere in there did my absolute head in.
  5. Thuck ma Baws

    Thuck ma Baws Player Valuation: £500k

    MM must be pretty near the back I would have thought. Can't beleive there isn't some kind of obstruction.

    Only guessing though, my ST is in the Park End where the only obstruction is the top hat of the guy in front of me or when my monocle steams up.
  6. jackyboy

    jackyboy Player Valuation: £500k Forum Supporter

    You weren't in TB5 by any chance?
  7. BirkenheadBlue

    BirkenheadBlue Player Valuation: £500k

    Did a few searches online, and found someone talking about their seat in LL. Said the view is ok, even when stood up, so hoping MM will be ok. Spent about an hour on the phone going through potential seats, and they're pretty slim pickings, so think I'm gonna pull the trigger on that one.
  8. BirkenheadBlue

    BirkenheadBlue Player Valuation: £500k

    Honestly can't remember. Think we were in the next but one to the Gwladys
  9. orly

    orly The Centre Frandly Party Wants YOUR Vote Forum Supporter

  10. GwladysPhil

    GwladysPhil Player Valuation: £500k

    The whole Park End stand is now season ticket holders only. Crazy.
  11. BirkenheadBlue

    BirkenheadBlue Player Valuation: £500k

    Sorry, meant no Season Tickets have become available. Got a phonecall this morning to go over options - must have reached the front of the waiting list.

    Apparently there's 12k names on the list now.
  12. BirkenheadBlue

    BirkenheadBlue Player Valuation: £500k

    when i score we riot and orly like this.
  13. BinglyBlue

    BinglyBlue Player Valuation: £50k

    Sounds far back, depends if you like seeing the ball above the players heads or not...
  14. everton2004

    everton2004 Player Valuation: Priceless Forum Supporter

    Call the box office and arrange to go down there and check the seat out - they're usually very accommodating.
  15. bluesb1970

    bluesb1970 Player Valuation: £500k

    If I remember correctly it's very like MM75 and a touch closer than NN76
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